Fujifilm X-S10 how good is Ibis compared to Panasonic cameras?

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Re: Fujifilm X-S10 how good is Ibis compared to Panasonic cameras?

Im testing an xs-10 now and I had tested an xt-4 as well. I have a g85 and wanted to upgrade.

I think it’s all really odd really. I don’t think Fuji ibis is quite in the same league as Panasonic. There is a smoothness to the g85 that the fuji cameras can’t quite match. I think that’s more noticeable in sweeping movements. The g85 feels like it’s on some well oiled jib or something! There’s like a sort of easing motion so rather than the camera coming to an abrupt halt when you stop panning, the g85 slows the movement down mode gracefully.

so the Fuji end up feeling a little abrupt when you stop moving,

However, I think that just means you have to take a little more care when you are recording than with the Panasonic’s. If you’re trying to get still shots and doing basic stuff I think the Fuji’s are good enough.

I will probably buy the xt4 regardless as it’s just has overall better photos / video quality and options than a g85. So I’m not saying don’t get it. But yeah, it’s not quite g85 level from what I can see.

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