Did Leica take a "cue" from the GM5 ?

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Re: Did Leica take a "cue" from the GM5 ?

fft2000 wrote:

Gnine wrote:

Seriously, some of you must have very vivid imaginations. The only similarities I can see, is that they're both cameras. Totally different control layouts & functions, size, format, one is even a fake rangefinder style. I'm just not seeing it, no matter how hard I squint, or which way I rotate my phone or monitor. I've even consumed a couple of ales, & that never helped either.

The rounded edges and keeping dials strictly on the right side on the top. It's about aesthetic impression and not exact copy, so putting them on each other would (nearly) perfectly match (like the optical design from Oly 100-400 and Sigma 100-400).

Other cameras usually look like a box. The Leica M design is quite unique.

Hmmm. Now that you mention that, I can see it (the rounded ends of the body) I reckon that's a pretty tenuous link though. My 2 cents anyway.

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