How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

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Re: Great info so far

Well I've finally got a reply from ON1 software's tech people, and after a lot of pushing, they have finally acknowledged that

"The only way to accomplish a full backup of cataloged folders, smart albums and more would be to use a drive cloning software so that you can perfectly clone the C drive to your D drive.

Beyond this ON1 will not be able to read any cataloged folders or other content when it is moved from drive to drive as it is not designed to do so."

So, Austinian was right. I will investigate Macrium Reflect  for this purpose.

I want to thank everyone who has advised me in this thread.

Technical stuff is daunting to me, but I have learned a lot, and feel more confident about utilising my new setup in the most effective way. (When I get it back from the tech!)

Thanks and Best Wishes

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