A few questions regarding the Canon R5/R6?

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Tamron and Samyang work awesome

Dlee13 wrote:

So I’m very close to selling my gear and switching back to the R6 and I had a few questions if owners if these bodies (particularly the R6) don’t mind answering.

2. For those who have used 3rd party lenses on the R5, has the AF been fast and accurate? I know this is very dependent on each individual lens but I’m still curious.

Third party wise, It does depend on the specific lens.

I have 3 third party lenses. The first is a Samyang 85mm f/1.4. Natively it does NOT have stabilization but with the most recent v3 firmware, it does now leverage outstanding autofocus capability including Eye Autofocus AND Canon's IBIS capability. It did not on the previous firmware.

Next, I have both a 70-200 Tamron f/2.8 and a 90mm f/2.8 macro. Both are from the 2012 to 2014 era thus earlier generations and both have their own in-lens stabilization capability via a switch. Both have been sent to Tamron and have had their latest firmware flashed and they now both leverage Eye Autofocus and overall focus is outstanding with them.

They don't however, allow for IBIS use. IMO though clearly not confirmed, this is likely a Tamron issue. As with any third party company they have to essentially reverse engineer things and I don't think it's in their interest to spend time and money trying to get their on-board stabilization to talk with Canon's IBIS. Instead they simply let you use their in-lens system vs both. Both are also fantastic lenses thus I'm not about to spend money replacing them.

In conclusion for me, it is apparent that it's one or the other but perhaps someone third party wise will get the two system to play nice together.

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