Canon MP-E 65 and diffraction

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Re: Canon MP-E 65 and diffraction

In a macro forum elsewhere I was an apostle for the MPE65, but also talked about the shallow DOF, and was fond of saying that at 5x your sharp range of focus was like slicing a credit card through your subject. Eventually, one of the more technical minded forum members pointed out that a credit card is much thicker than the range of sharp DOF at 5X, and I realized the smart Aleck was right! 

for an example of how little DOF you have, here is a 60% crop of a shot at 5X looking at an ant head on. Note that the base of the jaws and the base of the antennae are sharp, but the front of the ant’s jaws are quite OOF!

Even at about 2.5X, you don’t have a lot of DOF. This is a lucky shot of a moving ant, and you can see that her legs are quite out of focus even though her body is sharp with great detail. Below the main shot I’ll put a 100% crop of her body showing the detail.

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