And then there were three

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Re: And then there were three

Yes, clearly the X-Pro3 screen design was an aesthetic marketing choice over functionality.  An attempt to differentiate the camera.  It provides no additional functionality yet hinders the overall shooting process - shooting with the screen, access to the menus, and elimination of customizable buttons (for swipes on a screen which is hidden anyway).  If one can live with that - great.  Otherwise, it is a fantastic camera.  I have been an XP shooter since the release of the X-Pro1 including the X-Pro2.  I tried the X-Pro3 but sold it rather than trying to convince myself that the screen made sense.  I switched over to the X-T4 which I really enjoy.  I actually prefer the implementation of the articulating screen and the ability to hide the screen, at my discretion, when I know that I will not need to use it.  Patiently awaiting the X-Pro4.  I believe that Fuji will go back to the original screen design - or hopefully the articulating screen.  That would be the perfect camera.

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