Epson P900 - New Print Quality Settings

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Re: Epson P900 - New Print Quality Settings (P700 too)

Mr Owl wrote:

Mine got picked up today. As it's a faulty printer I just left them all in as they were & popped the printer in its original box. And Epson didn't give me any special instructions or cautions. Once you put these inks into your printer they are registered to your printer alone. You can't even use them in another printer. You use 'em all up or you lose 'em. Another helpful serve from big brother. I get my new one tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed for this one.

Thanks...I did the same thing for my return on your advice. I'm waiting to hear back about a replacement, but they seem to be out of stock everywhere again. I'm debating if I want to return m 2nd P900 ink set and just go back to my 3880. I received a message from someone else about the P900 who said, "The feed mechanism is a train wreck."  I'm hoping that even if you get a good one that they don't fail over a short time with regular use.

I bought my Epson 3880 in 2011 and it still works fine.   The current ink in it is at about 50% and has an expiration date on the cartridges of early-2019 (I took a break from printing for a while), but comparison prints yesterday are almost identical to the P900.  My wife thinks I'm insane for pixel peeping to find any differences.  Stock Epson ICC profiles are definitely better for the 3880.  ColorMunki color profiles I made are nearly identical with a slight edge to the P900 for better shadow detail and vibrance...with my nose to the paper though.

Reasons to upgrade include the wireless printing from Mac and iPhone, size, black switching, carbon black / enhance coat thing, viewing light, roll paper ability, and the fact that new ink for the 3880 costs about $700.

How did your replacement go?

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