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ProDude wrote:

I never thought I'd be saying this about a "superzoom" lens having had my share of them over these last 20+ years. I ordered one for walk around purposes and was rather quickly disappointed. It was pretty sharp in the middle but had odd bokeh and was a tad soft on one side. I sent it back and thought rather then give up on first try check out a 2nd copy. Man oh man this 2nd copy blew me away. I instinctively assumed this would not be much better than the 1st, but it was like an entirely different model. Not only was this copy sharp as a tack across at least 2/3rd of the image side to side at 240mm (quite unusual actually when you are zoomed out all the way on any zoom) but the bokeh isn't shabby in the least. Not the busy rough stuff I saw before.

The CA with in camera processing is quite GONE and it was also the same result processing a RAW file through the new DXO Ver. 4 that just came out. That program has the profiles for the Canon lenses down pat. The color rendition is Canon all the way NO compromises as I'd expected. Contrast is way higher then it has a right to be at this price point Focus is instant and ironically EVEN inside the house with less then decent light, which once again this lens was NOT intended for.

The largest single surprise was at wide 24mm right through at least 100mm when stopped down, this lens can literally pass the grade for landscape. The micro contrast is simply stunning and I'm still shaking my head how the heck they could do this for the price. But once again I can't help but wonder if all copies are or should be this great or if I just was blessed with a perfectly centered copy. Who knows. In the end there is quite frankly NOTHING to criticize on this lens, other than my having to shell out $38 for a freaking lens hood. I find the build quality extremely good with NO play whatsoever and no movement in the extending part of the lens shafts. What else can I say, it's amazing. Here's an landscape shot taken with it that I think speaks for itself.

As already noted, the above has been too processed for anyone to make a reply on the lens itself. The image here probably says more about the camera than the glass.
That said, I've considered the purchase of such a lens for an outdoor walk around 1 size fits all but just never really wanted to sink roughly $750+ into it including a lens hood and taxes, etc. That's quite a bit of money for a decent lens. Note, I wouldn't say it's amazing. The various reviews out there explain the flaws it has and how today's in-camera and post processing when converting from RAW all aid heavily in digital corrections based on the lens profile.

It's a decent lens, fits what it's intended to provide, but I'll reserve Amazing for when Canon or someone can pull off a L quality lens both in terms of build quality and no real need for post-process or in-camera profile corrections to get the job done.

Lastly, I would say if you're out to show the capability of the lens, post up an unedited RAW and JPEG for everyone to review and process on their own. I am glad to see however, that it's working for you and if Amazing is the word that describes it in your use, then there's nothing wrong with that. My wife calls me amazing at times too but I've yet to get that consistent review from everyone but then, it only matters to one person just like this lens to you.


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