Leica M to Nikon Z AUTOFOCUS adapter

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Re: Leica M to Nikon Z AUTOFOCUS adapter

AdaptedLenses wrote:

And your vendor if you get warranty service, I’ll immediately order from them...

PattersonC wrote:

CutTheShot wrote:

WELL... i got the TECHART

I threw it on and put my Voigtlander 40mm f1.2 on it.

I noticed at first it wasn't really focusing. Seconds later, after it hunted around a bit, all of a sudden it started focusing GREAT, albeit a little slow.

Then.. i hear something snap. It looks like the m mount lens release button is loose and cannot be pressed in.
The autofocus motor whirrs away, but it isn't catching on anything.
My lens is stuck.

I'm working on some photos/video of this and will contact the authorized distributor.
Unfortunately, I'm going to see how good their warranty is.

Please report back on how the warranty service went once you get it back.

This vendor advised they're an authorized Techart distributor... and they happen to have more genuine positive reputation than Techart.  They responded quickly and I sent over some videos of the issue which they're reviewing with Techart.

It seems like as the TZM-01 went to hunt for close focus, there was nothing to stop the helicoid from zooming itself apart internally as it extended.

The lens release button is sort of flopping about, but it cannot be pushed in to release the lens. This is an interesting situation because I'm not about to send my Voigtlander 40mm f/1.2 attached to this defective adapter over to China.

I'll definitely keep this updated.

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