Is there a point in getting the ZEISS Touit 50mm f/2.8?

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Re: Is there a point in getting the ZEISS Touit 50mm f/2.8?

jjz2 wrote:

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The Zeiss is a relatively expensive lens that goes to 1:1 where the Fuji 60mm only goes to 1:2. The Fuji 80mm is a very heavy 1:1 macro that costs more than the Zeiss, It is reported to be excellent at all distances.

If you specifically want macro, the Laowa 65/2.8 Apo is probably sharper than any of them. It goes to 2:1 and it's apochromatic as well. OTOH, it's MF (if that concerns you) and slower to use with its manual aperture system.

I would ignore notions that a lens isn't a "true " macro if it doesn't go to 1:1. It's just a line in the mental sand. There are just as many compositions at any magnification and it really depends what YOU want to take images of.

Cheers, Rod

Yes for somebody that just wanted to get up close occasionally, the 60 was more than close enough when I had it. And actually when so up close it’s pretty difficult hand held to get sharp and in focus shots, esp indoors of stuff around the house, as you also have to stop down the lens. Maybe just me, but needed a tripod often for these.

Yes, I find tripods incredibly useful for a lot of macro, but unfortunately unsuitable for mobile subjects, ie pretty much anything living.....  Cheers, Rod

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