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bernie r wrote:

KatManDEW wrote:

Haven't had much chance to use my R5 since I got it a few weeks ago. Last week I photographed my first bird in flight with the R5. I'm very used to birds in flight with my 200-400 and my 7D2 and 5D3 and 5D4. I was shocked by the blackout time in the view finder with the R5. Is there something I can change to minimize that? I was using mechanical shutter.

Also shot some video with it last week. Shot the same event with the R5 and my Mavic 2 Pro drone. 4k video with both, 29.97 FPS. 128 GB cards in both. Halfway thru the event the card in the R5 was full. The Mavic kept recording for the whole show.

My computer struggles hard to play the 4k R5 video. It plays a few seconds and then chews at the hard drive, and then plays a few more seconds. The computer has no problem with the 4k Mavic videos. It's an older core i7. 3 Ghz, 48 GB memory. Nvidia Quadro 4000 video card.

You're going to need a significantly better computer than that for playing back the footage in real time, also the R5 records at a significantly higher bitrate than your drone.

You'll want a 3090 ideally.

I have a Thinkpad W541 laptop with 32GB of RAM and Nvidia GPU that is standard with the 4 Core 8 thread laptop. I have no trouble playing back 4K30. I have tried to play back 8K ALL-I and it was a little choppy using the windows app.  IPB may better.

. I am not opposed to creating a proxy file for editing and that will permit playback for editing.  Playing back on PC 8K should have an 8K display and mine is only 4K so I would no benefit from 8K on it for playback.  $2000 TV with 8K are appearing now so in few years lots of home TV may have 8K capability.

I a have a couple of these W541 laptops should I require heavier workload using proxies. However, I am primarily a still shooter. I most will use 4K30 but may occasionally use 4K30HQ and 4K60.  I will just dabble a little with 8K. Since for most cases 2K downsamped from 4K is excellent and 4K60 maybe useful for Youtube or only storage player content creation.   I have a Ninja V to speed up 4K60 production if required.   The 1TB SSDs for the Ninja V are only $200 each which are handy if you need 4k60 in longer recordings.  The Ninja V has a recent firmware update 10.56 that is very import if yours is behind in firmware update I recommend you do that for these more demanding videos.

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