Best performing Nikon Z AF adapter - Canon EF or Sony? Z6ii

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Re: Best performing Nikon Z AF adapter - Canon EF or Sony? Z6ii

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I've googled but haven't found any tests, anyone aware of anything re the best performing non-FTZ adapter? Things are changing all the time with Nikon, and adapter, firmware, maybe the brain trust has bleeding edge knowledge?

No personal knowledge. There's this:

I think Ken Rockwell is kind of an idiot but occasionally has some useful info, so approach it with some skepticism.

TL;DR - It's really good, he likes it. Works with >90% of EF lenses.

Haha, yeah he's one funny, albeit prolific, duck isn't he?

He complains that the FTZ only works fully with Nikon lenses that use electronic AF and aperture control, but on lenses with mechanical AF and aperture control, you don't get these options and have manual focus and aperture.

On the other hand, the Canon adapter also only works with electronic AF and aperture lenses! (Canon's mechanical AF/aperture lenses were FD mount, which you need a different adapter for...)

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