3rd Party Battery Charger- does it need be Nikon branded?

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Re: 3rd Party Battery Charger- does it need be Nikon branded?

blueknigh7 wrote:

viper699 wrote:

I see plenty of non-Nikon battery charges just don't know if it should be Nikon branded, perhaps these non-Nikon chargers may damage my Nikon battery etc?

I found one post here from 2018 where one person said some 3rd party battery chargers could damage the Nikon battery.

There's always a risk. With 1st party you know (or hope?) that the company has thoroughly tested components for safety, specifications, and longevity. For 3rd party, you really don't know, other than anecdotal evidence.

Particularly with electronics, the charger could overcharge the battery, or provide too much or too little voltage, or it could be lacking the safety features to turn off if it detects a failure. Or it could be made just fine, just not 1st party branded. This is where the "possibly could damage your battery" idea comes from. You just don't know.

Personally, I think there's quality 3rd party parts that work fine, but it's up to you on if its available, and the price difference. Go with recommended brands that bigger stores sell as they have been vetted (hopefully). Oh, and watch out for forgeries....

I agree with viper that a 3rd party battery or charger does present some risk.

My own experience with Wasabi batteries and their chargers started with batteries and a charger to fit my Panasonic camera in 2006, continued with their batteries and charger for my Canon, and I bought 3 of their chargers and batteries kits for the Nikon d7500 .  I gifted a charger to my brother.  For a few $$$ more than my brother paid for a spare Nikon battery when he bought his camera, I have 2 Wasabi chargers, and 2 of their batteries.  and my brother has the 3rd Wasabi charger I gave him.  I prefer the fold out electrical plug that plugs directly into the wall outlet, no cords needed and no desk spaced used.  Fits into the camera backpack I use easily, too.  As an added bonus, it has a cord that can be used in a car (both as USB and directly into a cigarette lighter) if I need to charge a battery when away from the apartment.

All Wasabi products have performed as represented, flawlessly.  I found the Nikon charger design awkward and inconvienient.  It came with the camera.  If needed I would not hesitate to use any of the Wasabi products again.

Yes there is a risk to not using a Nikon branded charger or battery.   Three different camera brands over 14 yrs with no problem has sold me.  I can say it seems like the Nikon battery charge lasts a bit longer, but I have never had either brand not last for an entire day's shoot.  I recently took over 1100 shots in a single outing, still charge left on the Wasabi battery.  As a precautionary measure I make it a practice to put a spare battery in my pants pocket in case the need arises.

Way back when I bought my 1st Wasabi product there were stories about generic batteries or chargers damaging cameras (all 3 camera brands had similar stories about non branded batteries).  Maybe some do.   I speak only of my personal experiences.  I, thankfully have not had that experience.


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