Nikon 200 f/2 VR II ?

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Re: Nikon 200 f/2 VR II ?

RBFresno wrote:

PerfectPoms wrote:

I'm surprised more people don't complain more about the weight of the 200 f2.

Well, with regards to why folks don't complain about the 200 VR's weight, reminds me of a close friend who asked me if i knew why his divorce cost so much:

"Because it's worth it".

While one can justifiably complain of the 200VR's weight, it's IQ is difficult to complain about.

Seriously, when i first got the 200VR, I used it extensively.

Fantastic Image quality (IQ), outstanding bokeh, fast focusing.

The 200 VR Just kicked a$$ compared to anything else that i was using at the time.

And one thing I noticed was that when using it with TC 20 E III, it was lighter and better balanced than the 400mm f/4 I was getting with the 200-400VR.

And it's IQ at 400mm was close to the 200-400VR, perhaps even a touch better.

Here I am hand holding the 200VR:

But as I acquired other lenses (e.g. 70-200 f/2.8E Fl. Zeiss 135 f/2 APO Sonnar, 105 f/14.) that approached the 200VR image quality (IQ), I found myself using the 200VR a lot less.

I sold mine because I didn't use it often enough, and partially because I cursed the weight of that thing almost every time I picked it up.

Now I've got the 120-300 2.8, which is even heavier, and using that lens way too much during the first 20 hours I had it gave me a pinched nerve that left me incapacitated for 7 weeks, and resulted in me taking CBD oil in large amounts for the pain, which I think is what damaged the sight in one of my eyes - and sadly, the eye I used to look through my viewfinder

I'm a little better now,

Glad for that!

and took 2,700 photos with that too heavy 120-300 2.8 lens yesterday, hand held. But I'm getting fewer keepers because I can't see well enough through the viewfinder to be sure the image is in focus enough before I click.

Best Regards,


Is that a Left Handed Camera, judging by your photo ?

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Regards Peter

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