Wanting a more portable/adventure-ready camera...

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Re: Wanting a more portable/adventure-ready camera...

The Lamentable Lens wrote:

Kaitlyn wrote:

BBbuilder467 wrote:

For comparison, your body with 24-70 weighs 1600 grams. A micro 4/3 body with similar 12-45 Pro lens would be 650 grams. That's a 2# difference.

At m4/3, aren't i going to suffer a lot for low light, and even moreso for depth of field

I don’t know about “suffer a lot,” but FF has about a 2-stop “advantage” over m43 (depending on your shooting scenario) when it comes to light gathering. It’s a difference, to be sure, but it can easily be overstated. I think you have to try it for yourself to really see whether it would work.

As for DOF, yes, you have to apply the crop factor there, too. So if you typically shoot 2.8-4.0 in FF, then the equivalent DOF on m43 would be 1.4-2.0.

But this gets back to the main point. These decisions are all about trade-offs. If you want maximum DOF, and maximum low light performance, then that works against smaller gear.

Yeah, argh I just want my cake and eat it too.

I'm most tempted by the eos r5 and fuji x-t4. EOS R5 needs to come out with some more lens options first though, IMO. Like I use 16-35 in the f4 variant.

I find on adventures 24-70 f2.8 has become my main lens and has been mounted to my camera by default... so I guess I'm mainly comparing the options available for that replacement


Looks like with the EOS R5 i save no space, actually gain weight, but get vastly improved IS (and hopefully IQ too? hha)

The fuji is smaller+lighter which is nice of course. Gain IS. Getting a bit more reach (~88mm) is a welcome bonus.

And yeah, the omd e-m1 is much smaller+lighter. Might have to look into it a bit more, but the m1 mark iii at least is not a cheap entry to consider as a 2nd camera... and I feel like I'd have difficulty switching solely to it...

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