Nikon and their binoculars.

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Re: Nikon and their binoculars.

FrancoD wrote:

MHshooter wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

MHshooter wrote:

Chinese binos are junk, even the $500 Zeiss Chinese binos.

Compared to what ?

Compared to made-in-Germany Leica and Zeiss, older Japanese top-end binos. Particularly roof-prism binos that need very precise engineering to really be good, to have the most accurate alignment and optical quality. This is why binos made by Zeiss Germany for instance decades ago bring such high prices on Ebay.

In that case you should have commented that all binos not made in Germany by Zeiss and Leica are junk.

What about Leica binos made in Portugal or those made in Japan ?

I think that nostalgia and snobbism is clouding your thinking.

Vast experience with it has shown me what is trash and what isn't.  Some people are just not very discerning.  For instance;  most binoculars don't support the edge of the field very well and render an image with a lot of aberrations.  Most people won't notice that.

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