Nikkor 500mm f5.6 VR PF

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Insane size/weight for 500mm! as sharp as a 500mm f4 just with 1 stop less light at f5.6. Very nimble/agile lens makes tracking BIF a breeze. It focuses from end to end of the focus range as fast as a Nikkor 600mm f4 and twice as fast as the Nikkor 200-500mm f5.6 VR.

This lens was made for the Nikon D500. As good as the D500+200-500mm is, the 500mm PF is significantly better with the D500! It's only better on a D850 with the 45MP IF, IF you can fill the frame and not have to crop much. Otherwise, it's the same quality as the on the D500.

Yes a friend has one, it's crazy sharp and light weight ........ if only Nikon would bring out the 600mm F5.6 VR FL version ..... which they have designed and patented already .......

......... I guess ML has taken up so much time ..... a pity because more than any other sporting lens a light compact 600mm prime is the one that screams out to me ...... and which many others have also hoping for ....

I also would snag a 600 FL F/5.6 even if its up around $7500.00+ USD... Awesome

On a D500, the 500mm is plenty long enough at 750mm equivalent focal length. I just got my 500mm PF used in mint condition for $2100, yes USA model with card.

I just can't see spending 7k+ for an extra 100mm. Just a waste of money, unless you're a pro making money back, and the size weight it would need to be for f5.6 would make is more like the 200-500 (weight, not so much the size). For the money i'd rather use a TC 1.4x III or just get closer. Hell the image quality on something like the Sigma 150-600mm f6.3 is good enough to save 5k+

Where on earth did you find a int copy for $2100?!  I would love to know.  Been saving for one and should have bought during ther recent price reduction.

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