Olympus 150-400mm/4.5 TC in Costa Rica

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can you give us a full size image please

Petr Bambousek wrote:

Hi, just returned back home from short personal trip to Costa Rica. I will summ up my experiences with Olympus 150-400 lens within next few weeks. Let me share first three pictures from the trip. More will come soon...

Volcano Hummingbird, Olympus 150-400mm/4.5 TC

Keel-billed Toucan, Olympus 150-400mm/4.5 TC

Green Basilisk Lizard, Olympus 150-400mm/4.5 TC


Lovely images, but the sizes posted make it impossible to judge anything but the keen eye of the photographer.

Could you perhaps post a full size image or a few substantial 100% crops please?




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