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Re: Photography Experienced Analog Man Wants to Go Digital

T S Wonko wrote:

If it’s not too late here’s a question.

I shot miles of 35mm and a good bit of medium format back in my day. Comparing APS-C to Full Frame how does it compare in terms of the difference between 35mm and medium format? Does that make any kind of sense?

I have both full frame and APS-C systems.    I bought the full frame equipment first.    I subsequently bought an APS-C system as a bridge between my full frame and my first digital camera, a small sensor 'tough' camera (still in use).

The advantage I found with my APS-C system (Sony Nex/Alpha) is that it is smaller and lighter, thus less voluminous.    To get a 28-300 mm range of lenses on my Nikon system required (at the time) two lenses.    With the APS-C system I could do that with the 18-200mm lens.    If the light is low enough, regardless of format, I use a tripod.   With the APS-C system I can use a smaller, lighter tripod.    Since the APS-C system has tilt screens, I use the tripod at approx hip level, which adds to the stability.

What I had not anticipated was the level of quality I would get from the APS-C gear.    My printer has a size limit of 13X19".     Any photo, regardless of format,  I will print I first post-process with Photoshop Elements.     By the time I have a print ready to go on the wall, I have done everything I can do to make that print as perfect (given that one may strive for but never actually achieve perfection) as possible.      I cannot discern any quality difference between prints I have made from APS-C compared to full frame.    Compared to 35mm film, the quality improvement of either or these formats is dramatic.  Even after almost eleven years of exclusively digital photography I am still amazed at the quality difference.

Given the equality of results I have parked my full frame equipment.    Knowing what I know now, I would not have bought full frame equipment.  But I have no intention of selling it.  It was at the upper end of Nikon's range when I bought it, and I am loathe to get rid of top quality gear.    Since I am the antithesis of the serial upgrader, I have not found it necessary to sell off gear to finance new gear.     Regardless of the endeavor, I believe in buying high quality equipment to begin with, and then sticking with it.

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