XT30 makes less sense since got my XT3! Anyone else done that? What two bodies do you use?

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Re: XT30 makes less sense since got my XT3! Anyone else done that? What two bodies do you use?

Ad12 wrote:

DivineMadcat wrote:

I actually returned my XT30 once i had my XT3, as the T30 just never clicked for me. The IQ was fine, but the T3 definitely won out for me.

That said, i DO have a second body, in the form of an XE3, which i absolutely love. I am planning to bring both cameras with me stargazing this weekend, with one getting my 10-24mm, and the other my Rokinon 14mm.

There is easily an argument to be made for one large (fully featured) and one compact body, as i will switch between the two depending on my goals that day. Since you have already paid for both cameras (and assuming you cant return the 30), i would say you should try to adapt to the dual setup...

Interesting that you returned yours.

As a second body, the T30 works fine. Its just the original goal of a light/travel camera, has been negated by the XT3 being similiar sized with dual slots.

Perhaps when viewed as purely a backup / second body, it makes much more sense.

For instance if I was going to Nepal next week, i'd take the T3 now due to the dual slots, as opposed to the lighter T30 as originally planned.

For the most part, the return was because of my dissatisfaction with handling and size, as well as the features compared to the T3. At the time, i could only afford either or, so the T3 was easily the victor.

Down the line, i scored the E3 used for stupidly cheap, and adopted the two body philosophy. That said, I can say that i enjoy the E3 still more than i did the T30; hard to put my finger on it, but the E3 frankly feels better (handling and quality) compared to the T30 (I felt this the other day in Best Buy, when i had both in hand.. i felt solid about my choice).

I think having *A* backup/spare body is a good philosophy if you are somewhat serious about the hobby (and required if this is a profession), but the backup should be a camera that your are comfortable with as well... and it doesn't have to be the same form factor (or even brand frankly....)

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