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NotASpeckOfCereal wrote:

annettep38 wrote:

I totally agree. Or, one could have an optional increased resolution if just shooting the 24x16 crop zone but why would I want to fight with even more pixels than my D800e.

The crop comes in very handy at times when your lens just doesn't have the reach and wading in the swamp is not a friendly option. Having a lot of extra MP to trim away is very useful in this case.

There are many other benefits to higher MP (to a point) including in post-processing, but I won't enumerate them because you've likely dismissed them before.

I use LV frequently. Obviously, one shouldn't use it when you need fast and critical focus, but when you're doing tripod work and have the time to focus properly, then you're done with that and can move on to other considerations.

And during LV, I shoot in silent shooting, which saves the mechanical shutter (by a lot) and solves the shutter-shock, mirror-slap problems in many scenarios. Plus, it's also absolutely silent, if that matters to you, but it's quite advantageous in many other ways.


Yep, I use the crop quite often and would like just there a bit more resolution.

Tripod? for a small camera? I have enough gear to carry :). I hardly ever used it with my Pentax 67 , only with the Toyo Field I used a lot ages ago. These day I have so much ISO and there is no need, I have shot so many motorsport events, bugs, birds and what have you, I really never needed one since i shoot digital. If I need a longer exposure at night, I use the car's bonnet, a jerrycan or whatever is there.

OK I know there are many who think like you. If we wouldn't have different tastes, the world of photos would be very boring, I am probably too old now to fiddle with many things.

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