How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

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Re: How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

skanter wrote:

I have a similar issue with my new system arriving soon.Old computer is dead, MB, won’t boot, but HDs are OK.

This is about the best of the worlds where your old system has died.   Especially if the boot drive can be seen in another system, even if you can't boot off it.    If the drive can be 'seen' when plugged into another PC, then you can go to that drive letter and start copying data off.

It comes with one 1T SSD with system. From old system I have another 1T SSD and two 6T HDDs. Unfortunately they only were formatted for 4T on an old win7 system. One is filled with photos, the second has only a few.

Well, that just means there is a way for you to gain 2TB...   I'd prefer to have one large 6TB partition, but if you can't easily get the data off it, you could still just go partition and reformat the unused 2TB section.   You'd end up with 2 drive letters, but 2TB more space.

I also have 1 4 (maybe 6) T external backup, and bought a USB external dock with 2 slots that takes SSD and HDD. (2.5, 3.5)

If you have a drive (or two, better) that can hold 4TB of data, then start copying off the 4TB partitions that are too small.  Once you have a copy (preferably two) somewhere, you can repartion and reformat the 6TB drive to gain all 6TB in a single partition.

Any advice for a strategy for new setting up and migrating to new system would be appreciated - I’m overwhelmed. I mainly use Lightroom.

Step 1 is to know where your data is so you can copy it off.   The trick is to find the data among the various Windows folders if you kept it on a boot drive.

Realize that you will have to reinstall all your software and all your patches.   You should start by collecting all the serial numbers, installation files, and patches to make that easier.   It sounds like you don't have access to the programs right now, but if you did, I'd try to back up the settings or write them down for any complex software.

Personally, since I've had to reinstall Windows so many times over the past 25 years, I've created a Serial Numbers folder where I store text files and the like with my software registration numbers.   You don't want to spend a lot of time search around for that stuff.  At least with new PC's and SSD boot drives, it's a lot lot faster to reinstall everything.  The last PC I built installed Win10 from DVD in 20 minutes.

With a new PC, you'll have a new installation of Windows.  Or you will install it (from scratch or just finish a commercial installation with your ID).   Even if you don't have to install it, I'd create a new account for your name, and I'd create second account to use as kind of a backup and test account.  (Make sure it is an administrator account).

You'll have to reinstall Lightroom, but once you do, you should be able to just copy over the catalog over the old (new) one and have your old Lightroom data back.  There are instructions on the Internet for moving catalogs.

For most of your data moving, I'm assuming you'll take one of the old drives, connect it to the new PC, map a drive to it, and then just xcopy the drive contents from old to new drives.   You might even simply connect an old drive to the new PC and be done right there, using the old drive as-is, if it's not suspect.   As long as you achieve at least one full backup once the new drives are situated.

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