In love with the Z5

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Paige Turner wrote:

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dj_paige wrote:

Here's a reviewer that's normally tough on Nikon, with a glowing review of the Z5

A quote from Ken‘s Z6II review:

„Canon has won. Nikon lacks the budget to develop what we need. I wouldn't let friends throw any more major money into Nikon mirrorless; I'd upgrade to Canon as soon as you can.“

And from the Z5:

„ If you're addicted to Nikon then the Z5 is my favorite, but if you're open-minded and not stuck on Nikon, I much prefer anything from the Canon EOS-R system

so he really isn‘t recommending buying the camera...

I would treat KR as entertainment. Take EVERYTHING he says with a heaping grain of salt.

He is only good for camera images and generic specs.

Even his pictures are way over saturated.

I mean I do read and watch him but I watch anything photography related.

He does know his stuff but he tends to speak hyperbole (camera XX is best ever, lens XX is best ever - until 6 months down the road the next version is now the best ever).

I usually tune that stuff out but once in a while he makes valid points.

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