Color blindness and Windows 10 Color Filter settings

Started Dec 9, 2020 | Discussions thread
Tom Husband
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Re: Color blindness and Windows 10 Color Filter settings

Guy Roberts wrote:

Interesting idea. I have tritonopia and I know there are certain things I am not seeing which my wife is. But I calibrate my monitor and pp to the way the scene looked to me, and like you no one has mentioned my colours being off.
I can’t see how filters would help (no pun intended) as we will never be able to detect the variances in colours and shades that others can. We live with our our colour palette and once we recreate that, the results should be fine, surely.

Yes, I would think so too. In fact I wonder if editing with the filter turned on might might make reds, yellows and greens look good to me but a bit garish to others.

I ask the color expert in this house.

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