Chrisopher Frost: RF 50mmf1.8 STM review

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Re: Chrisopher Frost: RF 50mmf1.8 STM review

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I think the disappointment is still warranted. Canon didn't even take advantage of the added space from the deleted mirror box or the big wide mount. It's basically the old EF STM lens with a new element and control ring for 2x the money. I get the point of the lens but Canon seemed to put zero effort into it.

At least it focuses reliably, unlike Sony's.

I think they understand after 30 years of having a cheap 50mm f1.8 how important it is for the system. They could have made a nicer 50mm and charged $600 for it, but that's not the market segment they want. It's fine for people to be disappointed, but I understand where Canon is coming from and their goal for this lens.

Personally, I love the tiny size. I mean you can be m4/3 size class with this thing:

Compact Camera Meter (

I feel like you made this exact hyperbolic argument when rumors of this lens came out. Please post where someone asked for a $600 50 1.8?

Canon was able to completely redesign the budget 35- a much harder FL- and add "macro" capability- at a $100 lower launch price. Obviously that's not possible here, but for double the price I think they could and should have designed something just as small that basically wasn't a near total ripoff of the mediocre old EF lens- which itself is just a mildly updated version of the original 50 1.8 from the 80s.

If you read the Canon publish specification and description of lens and groups you may surprised to see it not the same old lens repacked. It is a total new Aspherical single element lens and old nifty fifty was a more traditional multi groups and multi ement lens.

The total groups and elements are the same but Asperhical lens is major change in the design.

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