How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

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Re: How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

21tones wrote:

Thanks for your further responses.

I am still awaiting a response from ON1 as well waiting to get my computer back from the tech.

Before I start installing and configuring everything I may run past you what I propose to do given the advice in this thread.

Phoenix Arizona Craig - do you use particular software for your disaster recovery?

I'd be reluctant to be overly prescriptive about giving installation and configuration advice, since "one size doesn't fit all".

Seems that you already have some good advice about ON1 configuration, and once that is dealt with, everything else should be easy. Craig obviously knows what he's doing, but his requirements are at the extreme end of home computing.

Since there are three users in my office, I have three computers plus a spare, with two of them acting as file servers (one for Office data, another for Photos). In addition to the server data, recent copies are available on each computer and several backup external HDDs.

In the event of hardware failure, I can quickly re-purpose the remaining computers to carry on normal operations, and I do not bother with system backups.

I've never had the need for a full system restore, and rely on the hardware redundancy option. I've never lost a single bit of data in 30+ years.

FYI, my present network is set up as follows...

Office Server. Dell laptop AMD R7, 512Gb SSD (also Web, Zoom, MS-Office etc.)

Games Computer. Acer laptop AMD A9, 120Gb SSD, 2Tb HDD (also Web, email, MS-Office)

Photo Server. Dell i7, 512Gb SSD, 1Tb HDD (also heavy duty games, flight sim, MS-Office)

Spare. HP laptop, 1Tb HDD (also Netflix at the moment)

Typically, I refresh the hardware every 5 years.

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