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Re: Nikkor 800mm F5.6 Ai-s ED Quick Pic and Stiff Ring

So I finally get a minute to myself in daylight.  (Not really but everything be darned for a while).

It's 35 degrees outside (Merican!) and breezy numbing the fingers.  I went to Plum Beach in Brooklyn.  It's cold (I think!).

I just barely click the camera to the lens and I see a little white going by.  I always wanted to hang around and get some swans in flight.  They are always tooling around waiting for a handout and being a little intimidating.  But flying is a different story.  I was not really ready for a shot yet but swung the gimble around and missed focus and mis exposed as there was overcast with holes where the sun would poke through.  Excuses excuses.

Anyway these swans are a way down.  The rocks in the foreground are 50-80 yards away, the swans are out beyond that and the houses are about 3/4 mile away.  These birds were little better than specks.

The grass clump was ... headshot distance for this !  Maybe 100 feet or more.  Not the best as it was windy out.  I have to get less ISO shy and get the shutter speed up.

There is a noticeable reach forward for the focus barrel as compared to my 600 f4 ais which is fatter and heavier but shorter.


This lens looks brand new.  I was told it was owned by a Lufthansa pilot who took it around the world (a few Lufthansa stickers on the case).  The case is pristine.  The hoods work as they should.  (after I used a belt as a strap wrench to get a little grip on the first hood).  I don't know if it smells new or like antiseptic cleaner but it is great with little dust and an extra 52mm filter holder.

My issue, the focus barrel (ring) is stiff.  It is smooth but feels like it has a heavier grease than it should.  I don't know how stiff is too stiff.  I am sure going out in the cold did not help.  The action is smooth and consistent limit to limit each way.  I don't know if the old lube dried or hardened or if it was lubricated with a heavier grease.  It doesn't bind or chatter or slip.

I can't wait to get it out for a real trek.  ... I just have to strengthen my left hand and wrist for the focus action!

Swans flying east in Jamaica Bay Brooklyn.  Obviously swinging around on the tripod no where near level!  No processing or crop.

Windy beach grass.  I should have upped my ISO and shutter speed to freeze the grass.  No processing or crop.

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