The Power of Zoom: Basketball at 24mm...2000mm...4000mm and 8000mm

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Re: The Power of Zoom: Basketball at 24mm...2000mm...4000mm and 8000mm

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Yes this is exactly why you dont need RAW, especially at ISO 100!

Well, no one Needs to shoot RAW, do they.

But, if one wants the most details out of the P950 lens, then even at ISO 100 , more details are obtainable in RAW than shooting jpeg and the NR smearing that can happen.

Plenty folk will not spend any time post processing and are fine with SOOC images.

Others (less folk, I suppose) will venture out and get more out of the images taken.

They can shoot jpegs, they can set different in camera settings for them ...or edit them after in free software like FastStone Image Viewer. Or get into adjustment layers, masks, etc (I do not) and use LightRoom, Photoshop or other similar software.

Some might want best possible I.Q. and have better camera's, but not with a reach the P950 does. So getting best I.Q. is more desired to these folk.

There, the option for RAW come in.

I assure you of this, I can achieve best possible I.Q. from my P950 shooting RAW and using DXO PhotoLabs with Deep PRIME NR, than I can shooting jpegs.

Hey a shot of a house, scenic shots, vacation shots, street type shots all can be fine without RAW

Start shooing wildlife and looking for feather details in birds and you might like the results RAW gives. Or lower EV to -2 and under expose a bit and then you want to lift shadows to reveal details, RAW is the better choice, IMHO.

Myself, I want to see every detail the lens/sensor captured...get my monies worth

Leave the lens /sensor to Nikon and leave the processing to us.

Thank you Nikon for adding RAW to the P series!

Stay healthy


The interesting conundrum happens when you want to use the excellent digital zoom you have to turn off RAW. I wonder if it is possible to obtain the same level of detail you get from digital zoom from blowing up a RAW file or does Nikon use some sort of advanced artificial intelligence we dont know about and cant simulate.

The asnwer should be "yes".

But the real question is "how".

"Digital zoom" is software manipulation.

"Raw" is the actual image free from manipulation,

that's why it ends with the optical zoom, in this case 2000mm.


But it should be possible together, that is have a RAW image and then also produce a JPG using digital zoom as part of the same package, but we have to change the settings to do it rather than being able to do both with one shutter button press.

"Yes" anything is possible,

as long that you are in charge of manufacturing.

It could be possible where the picture at 4000mm is captured in jpg,

and then, at the same time the same picture is captured at 2000mm in raw.


And better yet,

if raw + jpg is selected in taking pictures,

that raw + jpg is taken up to 2000mm,

then beyond that, from 2001 to 6000mm,

the pictures will be captured using only jpg.

This would be nice indeed!


So we can be wishful,

but again, we are not in control,

of the manufacturing of this camera.



Yeah...only a wish right now

Stay healthy



Stay healthy!

I believe it's closer than many think, I think camera manufacturer reps read this forums and pass these suggestions on

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