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Re: 5D mark iv issues

jadewolfff wrote:

Did you see that new firmware for the came out recently? It absolutely acknowledges ONE of the issues I faced at the event:

"1. Corrects a phenomenon in which the color of images varies depending on the metering mode selected during flash shooting."

But it does not specifically mention the slow recycle time / overexposure? Any help so welcome! x

When I shoot with Flash I first meter the ambient scene, check for ambient hotspots and generally increase my shutter speed to cut out the influence of the ambient light on my subject. Typically I will under expose the ambient in a range of -0.7 to -2.3.

I shoot my flash in ettl mode with typically +0.7 on the flash head. I diffuse, bounce gel and modify my flash light differently depending on the shot, and continually tweak it.

I only use evaluative metering in my camera for candid flash shots. You could use centre weighed, but never spot or partial .....because the narrower metering pattern in those modes will vary on every single shot in a fast moving situation, generally resulting in over/under exposing the ambient, which causes it to dramatically skew your colour balance.

I imagine the ‘phenomenon’ Canon has tweaked works by both slightly adjusting the bias of the ambient exposure compensation when a flash is mounted and possibly varying the output of the flash depending on the metering pattern, working distance and lens angle in use...everything I do manually at the moment.

Try this 1 minute experiment. Put your camera on a tripod, mount a flash but have it turned off, set av mode and note the shutter speed, let’s say it’s 1/40th. Now turn the flash on....what you will notice is the ambient exposure will be reduced by a stop as the shutter speed has now changed to 1/80th!! Your ambient hasn’t changed, all that’s changed is that you turned the flash on.

It’s a Canon thing, it knows you are mixing flash and ambient and secretly reduces the ambient exposure by a stop as it generally looks better that way and reduces the ambient light bleeding into your predominantly flash lit shot.

If you want real control, turn auto iso off, manually under expose your ambient room light, set wb to 5800k or what works for desired colour, modify your flash light so that it is bigger/softer/warmer and get a canon battery pack for your flash.

By all means use ettl, it works! But if you get a subject with too much white/ too much dark/ a mirror behind or back lit - then switch to manual and control your flash.

I use this method to shoot awards ceremonies, conferences, parties, groups of guests in front of sponsors backgrounds.

I recently (well before Covid!) shot around 250/300 guests, in groups of up to 4/5 against a white sponsors board as they arrived for a gala dinner, each posed photo takes around 12/20 secs. For that I had to use my Quantum T5Dr with turbo 3 Battery , through a brolly.
At the dinner I shoot my 600 exrt & 600 exrt2, I use one body set for table work and a second body for stage/podium work. I will shoot a thousand shots a night over 2 bodies.

It’s taken me a long time to learn how to configure my setups, I log my settings and review every shoot to find ways to improve my speed or quality.

Good luck

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