Best NR software for High ISO on R5

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Re: Hummingbird PL4 DeepPrime + DeNoise AI AI Clear

poppyjk wrote:

Hummingbird PL4 DeepPrime + DeNoise AI AI Clear at auto default. I like this edit better than my first two, and it requires a lot less time than masking.

I have frequently used DeNoise AI to 'polish' a DxO Prime or DeepPrime image. Works well on this one.

PL4 DeepPrime + DeNoise AI AI Clear

This is very impressive! Thank you.

I've been playing with both apps and am able to get pretty close to this. As far as noise reduction with sharpening, at least at this point, this is what I'm going to be doing on images like this.

Your desaturation of the reds, magenta, purple and oranges is masterful. The thing that keeps eluding me is the desaturation of the red and oranges particularly under the chin and tail without leaving artifacts and without desaturating the oranges under the wing. Would you share your process on that?

This is the best I have been able to do.

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