Chrisopher Frost: RF 50mmf1.8 STM review

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I think the disappointment is still warranted. Canon didn't even take advantage of the added space from the deleted mirror box or the big wide mount. It's basically the old EF STM lens with a new element and control ring for 2x the money. I get the point of the lens but Canon seemed to put zero effort into it.

A good bit of the reason is physics. To focus on infinity, a relatively simple lens has to be about 50mm way (i.e. a 50mm focal length lens by definition). The lens can be made shorter with more elements and complications, but that would likely add cost or hurt image quality. To focus closer the lens "wants" to be still further away (thus macro lenses and extension tubes move the lens further away).

What is most helped by the shorter flange distance to the sensor are wider angle lenses that naturally want to be closer to the sensor.

The RF50 f1.8 is pretty predictable. Basically an updated design for the RF-mount with some improvements in image quality but not spectacularly better.

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