Chrisopher Frost: RF 50mmf1.8 STM review

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Re: Chrisopher Frost: RF 50mmf1.8 STM review

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It's compact and as far as I can see from this review it will be usable for most pictures at f/4.0, and all pictures at f/5.6. I can imagine it does a better job than the RF 24-105mm stm at 50mm. It also gathers lots of light for your AF-system.

I've got me a used ef-m 32mm f/1.4 for my M50, as I think the price of the M6mkII will drop the coming years. I'm not exited with the idea of a compact too cheap lens on a chunky R or R5 body.

If you have the EF-M 32 there is no need for this lens. The 32 is in a different class man. More like the quality of the 35 L II on APS-C...

Love my 32.

I really don't see why Canon has chosen for a compact design over great IQ for this RF 50mm. We already have M for compactness..... For the non f/1.2 we should have gotten something on par with the RF 85mm IS f/2.0.

It's so Canon has something for everybody. The RF 85mm f/2 is likely to be better, but it is more than three times the price of this lens and ⅓ of a stop slower. The EF-M 32mm lens is more than twice the price and effectively ⅔ of a stop slower. Again, it's likely to be better in a lot of situations, but, if me, it's too expensive for a crop format lens.

I can see that RF 50mm f/1.8 selling to those who want something compact without buying an M outfit as well, or to those who want more quality stopped down or more low-light capacity than the 24-105mm STM without spending a fortune. I would consider it, when it's time to replace my EF 50mm f/1.8. It won't stop Canon making an f/1.4 lens later on that's more to your taste. You don't have to like everything in Canon's catalogue, but choice is good.

I think the disappointment is still warranted. Canon didn't even take advantage of the added space from the deleted mirror box or the big wide mount. It's basically the old EF STM lens with a new element and control ring for 2x the money. I get the point of the lens but Canon seemed to put zero effort into it.

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