Chrisopher Frost: RF 50mmf1.8 STM review

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Just like the human eye....

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I am not that picky over an inch extra length and four ounces added to a lens that is already very small and lightweight. Especially on a body the size/weight of the R/R5/R6. I can see where RF lens might be worth the added cost of replacing the EF lens on a camera like the RP.

I mean we can have this same argument for just about every RF vs EF lens in the lineup, I guess. Most EF lenses are pretty good and adapt just fine. Many will not see the need to switch to RF native mount.

If I didn't have three other EF 50mm lenses I would buy the RF versions.

Agree. The extra bit of heft and size on EF Lenses doesn't bother me. Optically speaking the newer lenses are indeed better but even still, are they worth buying them all over again for slight bumps? I still run MK1 versions of several L lenses even and they perform great still. In the case of the 50mm it's a small amount of money and I barely could justify it let alone on some of my larger ones that are thousands of dollars.

That’s very true for a lot of RF lenses, but I would say the RF 50 1.2 and RF 85 1.2 are night and day better than their EF counterparts...

I would imagine on most really good primes that would be the case.   Overall from a design stand point lenses here are just like glasses and contacts/lenses for the human eye.   The closer they are to the eye they better the optics will be.  moving the lenses closer to the sensor should improve things all around.

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