New 10-24, not new, but improved?

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Re: New 10-24, not new, but improved?

JayPhizzt wrote:

RDoe wrote:


the question I have is the new 10-24 isn't "new" but improved IOS and coatings right? Anyone tested the new lens? I have two main things that frustrates me with the 10-24, where I eventually bought the 8-16, which is amazing, but also amazingly huge!

1. I found that with my 10-24 I get (inconsistent results to pin point) I get some blurry parts of the image, mainly in the 10-12mm range. I suspect its IOS that sometimes makes weird jumps that exhibit these inconsistent blurry areas in the photo. Or I'm just crazy ...

2. Purple flare/circle at 10mm with indirect strong light in the photo. Due to reflections I guess and not that really noticeable, but when it does its annoying. It doesn't occur that much, but still.

Besides these two thing I absolutely love the 10-24 and is one of my most used lenses for pretty much everything due to the range. That's why I really can't justify keeping the 8-16 as it is way more specialist.....

So if these two points are mitigated due to new/improved IOS and coatings, I would be a happy camper ..... thought I just asked here!


Not sure about the coatings, as far as I know it's exactly the same optically.

What's improved is the OIS and that they've added weather sealing and a marked aperture ring.

Yup that's what fuji communicated. However sometimes same is not exactly the same, so curious about some real life experiences

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