HELP! MASSIVE 5D markiv Fail: What Should I Do?

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Re: Ive used Canon flashes for events...for 20 years..some tips

You're welcome..

A few more things I would recommend are:

Turn off Auto ISO

Set white balance to 5800k as a starting point, then tweak, I never use awb

Use only evaluative metering in camera

Turn off the "quick flash" mode on the flashgun

If you are in ettl mode you can use FEL or flash exposure lock, it fires a test pre-flash before your actual flash, however it only meters from the centre focus point.

It will assume your subject is an average mid tone grey....if  it's a person in a white shirt then add +2/3 comp to your flash. I generally set +0.7 flash comp for punchy shots inside and even more outside.

Another method for interior shots you might want to try is under exposing the ambient scene minus 1 or 2 stops in the camera, and then over exposing the flash at plus a third of a stop.

Sounds odd but trust me on this... Turn off awb set 5800k as a starting point and try this....

If (with the flash turned off), the ambient light reading is 1/30th....then set 1/60th to 1/125th. You will be effectively be reducing the influence of the ambient light colour.

Then pop your flash on, set +0.7, bounce it off the ceiling or a large piece of card / flash reflector.

If your flash looks too blue in colour, preferably pop on a warming flash filter/gel.

You could just put your wb up to 6000k, but note that other background elements will look warmer too.

The most common mistake I see is photographers over exposing the ambient light which chucks a changing warm colour cast into the underpowered flash shots and often some blur too, awb then corrects for this which makes the ungelled flash look too blue.

If the flash isn't diffused properly, gelled correctly and powerful enough then the shots will look awful.

So to recap

800/1600 iso, Auto iso off, auto wb off, quick flash off, use A or M mode with evaluative metering, under expose ambient camera exposure by 1 to 2 stops. Over expose the flash 0.7 stops, bounce & diffuse the flash, gel it if possible. Keep the shutter speed below 1/200th indoors to maximise the power as hss mode reduces your flashes reach...get a battery pack.

Good luck

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