Leica M to Nikon Z AUTOFOCUS adapter

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Re: Leica M to Nikon Z AUTOFOCUS adapter

LarsHP wrote:

PkmX wrote:

Found a new video on YouTube in Cantonese that compares the Techart and Megadap:

Some notes:

- Both adapters have the same weight, even though the Megadap is physically larger.

- Tested AF speed on both adapters using the Z5. To my eyes both adapters seem to perform equally okayish.

- The Megadap's AF motor housing protrudes the bottom of the Z quite a bit so it won't sit flat on a surface. The Techart doesn't have this problem.

- Megadap's fit is a bit better; there is some play with the Techart when mounting heavier lenses.

- Firmware update is much easier on the Megadap. You just connect via the USB cable, copy the firmware file and it is done. With the techart you need to use the dock and proprietary software that only supports Windows.

Thanks for posting.

You understand Cantonese, correct? If so, what does he say about AF performance when comparing the two adapters?

And that Windows only limitation for firmware update is a really important finding. It's going to be a turn off for most if not all Mac users.

The youtube video allows captions and auto translation to whatever language and it appears he didn't say anything about it, just said that he went to test out the autofocus with the Z5 and everyone can see the focus tracking function quite clearly. Then he immediately goes into the issue with using a tripod with the megadap.

He does say that with the Megadap the clearances are pretty tight whereas with the techart there is a little gap and it's a bit loose when focusing.... that is horrendous. i wonder what the light leakage looks like...

He suggests using smaller lenses with the Techart and heavier lenses with the Megadap.

It looks like he sells both at his store and he welcomes people to stop by and try them out.

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