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Jerry-astro wrote:

RDoe wrote:


you can burn this thread if its not within guidelines, but I'm honestly curious on printing your photos and who does. With the additional question do you sell you own prints and do you buy prints from fellow photographers.

I'm in doubt for a while now to take the plunge into printing and want to but the whole printing thing can become quite complex fast, right? To convince myself I though why not sell some prints in the end? On the other hand I wonder on how others are doing this and what the experiences are.

So do you print yourself, what are your experiences and would you sell/buy prints.....


I have printed a decent number of images over the years... a few were done at home using my Canon Pro-100 printer, others sent to a professional printer — usually the larger prints (20x30 inches). Not sure where you’re located, but I’ve had some very nice work done at amazingly low prices here in the US at Costco with more than satisfactory results (for my needs, anyway). If your intention is to sell your work as art prints, you might want to look for a processor that specializes in this sort of work and can deliver the highest quality printing and papers required for that purpose.

I’ve sold a few prints over the years (all of which I had printed myself), however, at this point, I’m not really interested in trying to sell prints and am in this strictly for the enjoyment and satisfaction of the hobby.

I'm in The Netherlands, we have some seriously good printers here, but want to have more controle instead of hits/miss (although the misses are few) with an external printer.

I'm just curious in printing more and sending of to a printer just get postponed, so in the end I do not print stuff. Just curious on how it could help my photography, get some prints myself and in the last part maybe sell some, but that is not the main goal.

I also done pro work, mainly weddings, product and event photography couple of years ago, but the whole thing made me photograph less and less, if that makes sense. So this is all for me, myself and I

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