Wanting a more portable/adventure-ready camera...

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Wanting a more portable/adventure-ready camera...

I have a 5D Mark IV, primarily using 16-35 F4L IS, 24-70 F2.8, 70-200 F4L IS. Recently, depending on the adventure, I tend to go out with JUST the 24-70.

For long (8+hr) hikes, multi-day backpacking trips, and more recently ski touring, I'm finding the 5D unwieldy. I am totally used to dealing with weight, but I'm having a decent amount of trouble with the SIZE/VOLUME of the setup - whether inside or outside my bag.

I was thinking of upgrading to the eos r5, but I did some quick comparisons and it seems like I'm not really going to be saving all that much weight or space (although it seems some of the more-similar RF lenses may be coming out within next ~6 months)

I was also considering things like the Sony RX100, but I can't help but think I'd just be disappointed with the shots? I generally don't feel so open to just going to an APS-C type of system because I feel like I'd be giving up TOO much just to gain space saving.

I'm open to both supplementing with a 2nd camera or upgrading to a new system. Some further context on the types of situations/environments I'd like to be able to handle:

- Multi-day backpacking trips

- LONG hikes

- Ski touring

- Shooting photos in varying conditions - dawn, high noon, sunset, dusk (low light performance AND dynamic range important)

- A little more "run and gun" shooting - I'm still composing, but it's often on the go and more quickly given a current bend in a trail or viewpoint, etc. Currently I mostly have my camera mounted on peak design capture clip so it's always available, though I'm not currently comfortable doing this for ski touring.

- Shooting a bunch in the f2.8-f4 range

- Shooting a bunch of people + animals (hiking dogs!) - I use autofocus and do find it difficult to keep up with people/my perspective constantly moving around in frame

- Weatherproofing important. I recognize the 5D is a tank used it in downpour, freezing temps, dusty environments, I've dropped it... I trust that guy for sure! I've had my gopro, phone, friend's cameras fail on them... my 5D has NEVER failed me/shut down due to temps or otherwise

- Shooting professional quality photos for clients while in the above environments

Canon EOS R5 Sony RX100
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