HELP! MASSIVE 5D markiv Fail: What Should I Do?

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Arthur Stanley Jefferson Contributing Member • Posts: 710
Ive used Canon flashes for events...for 20 years..some tips

I use Canon 5D mk3s, which I use with Canon 600 exrt, 600 exrt2, Neewer 600 exrt, vintage Vivitar 283 with VP1 controllers and Quantum T5DR flashes. I also use 2 Quantum Turbo 3 battery packs and a Canon CP-E4N with Eneloops in everything.

At events I mostly shoot iso 400/800/1600.

I often shoot at 1/40th to 1/160th. I shoot at F2 to F5.6 depending on my subject , working distance and lighting enviroment. My style is to shoot flash balanced to ambient so that it doesn't look like I used flash.

1) Once you go over 200th your flash will drop into hss more and effective power will drop to 1/4!

2) study your flash distance range guide on the rear of the flash as you you change f stop and as you go from 1/160 to 1/320!....

3) If you are bouncing your flash, it will have to go further. You have to calculate the total distance and factor in how much light is really bouncing will lose several stops of light bouncing it.

4) I never set my flash zoom wider than 35mm - even if I shoot 16mm wide ( because I bounce my flash off a "reversible flashgun diffuser")

5) I use external battery packs which recycle my flashes much much faster...however!!!....Canon introduced heat management circuitry in their 600 exrt and then made it even more restricted in the 600 exrt2.

6) Besides detecting a power pack it also detects if you have a Canon colour filter or diffuser clipped on. These 3 things trip a safeguarding circuit which will throttle the rate at which you  can release the flash (even though it is recycled, it won't fire)

7) If you can shoot at 1/4 power, don't use clip on filters or stofen type diffusers, you will get a better release rate and the flash won't overheat and throttle down.

8) As an experiment to check how much flash power you have and it's range, go manual and try this as your starting point......set iso to 1600, F4, flash on 1/4 power, flash zoom no wider than 35mm, use a "large reversible diffuser" paddle style reflector on your flashgun.

From there change one parameter at a time, either go up in power...or up in iso... Or use f2.8 or zoom your flash wider... Or change your bounce angle....experiment and learn your flash in manual to see the effects of your choices.

If you need more power get a Quantum T5dr (150ws) they don't zoom, but do bounce and never overheat...or get a recent Vivitar 283, (I bought the last new stock from B&H about 15 years ago..have 3 left!😀)

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