Chrisopher Frost: RF 50mmf1.8 STM review

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Re: Chrisopher Frost: RF 50mmf1.8 STM review

MikeJ9116 wrote:

Jx9 wrote:

Here a comparison with the EF lens. Seems like it's much better.

I would agree the corners are sharper with the RF lens but not "way better" as he claims. Other than this, I don't see much daylight between the two lenses. Specifically, not over $100 worth of daylight. Plus, I would much rather have the AF/MF switch on the EF lens than the AF/Control switch on the RF lens.

Regardless of what I think, Canon will sell this lens like hotcakes at an IHOP.

Agree on the performance.

The size difference (vs adapter) is so worth $100 to me. It turns your camera into a whole different class size. With the Rp it feels like I'm shooting m4/3 with a small prime lens again. It makes the 35mm f1.8 feel huge.

If they make a 28mm f2 or 2.8 that is the same size as the 50mm 1.8, I'll sell my 35mm f1.8 and grab that in a heartbeat.

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