Nikon z6 ii control rings and buttons - suggested customisations?

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Re: Nikon z6 ii control rings and buttons - suggested customisations?

Morgs_B wrote:

ipopov wrote:

1. Anyone know how to centre the selected zoom area, once zoomed in? Rather than waiting . . till . . yellow . . . box . . . . . gets . . . . . . . zzzzzz.

Joystick press (which I assigned to center focus point) snaps the zoom area to the center for me.

Weird, just assigned joystick press to the same (zoom on fn1) and it definitely doesn't for me.

2. I still don't know how to manually change ISO, and seems it can't be done with either wheel!? Front wheel turns of auto-ISO, then what!? EDIT: The yellow ISO appears after turning OFF auto-iso (thus allowing manual-ISO to be set with back wheel) - I was confused thinking this was auto-ISO (saw yellow, didn't read ).
When auto-iso selected it allows the ISO to be changed with back wheel too, yet this is NOT changing manual-ISO but setting auto-ISO parameters (i think - max, min auto-iso?).

The front wheel switches Auto-ISO mode on and off. With Auto-ISO mode off, the back wheel changes ISO; with Auto-ISO on, the back wheel changes minimum value Auto-ISO will use. Maximum value is set in the menu.

This is what I'm confused about - I HAVE set it in menu, yet once I select something in auto-ISO with the front wheel, as you've described, I can't see this value having any affect.

Are you in AUTO mode in the dial? If so a lot of these features won't be available

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