Canon 7D Mark II or 90D for Bird Photography

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Re: Canon 7D Mark II or 90D for Bird Photography

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I've gotten the best ever (which isn't really a whole lot) bird photos with my 90D. The 10 frames per second is a HUGE upgrade to what I got with my 5D Mark III.

Only positive intentions, have you tried the 7DII with fully customized AF?

That's still the best after the 1Dx series. Since you mention the 10 fps I assume that you shoot action and for that AF is very important. High pixel density is nice but if the camera misses the bird it's all over.

You have offered excellent feedback -thanks.

I'm still shooting with a 7DII ("saving" for the R5) You mentioned fully customized AF for the 7DII. Would you mind elaborating on that? I get good results with my current setup (mostly getting sharp eyes on BIF) but there's ALWAYS room for improvement. And after many years, I'm still learning to optimize the settings.

(I could use better glass, but can't afford during covid: Canon 400mm f5.6; Sigma 150-600S)

That's difficult from the top of my head, five years ago it took me weeks to get the right settings. They are now 'hidden' in presets, dials, knobs etc. There are thousands of options. In fact, I changed more than 90 percent of the menus to get three working presets:

C1: landscapes and macro.

C2: perched birds, stationary animals.

C3: emergency action settings for everything that moves.

Action is on C3 so you can't make a mistake when your eye is at the viewfinder and you are following a bird. Simply rotate to the end. And so on, writing them all down takes days

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