Leica M to Nikon Z AUTOFOCUS adapter

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Re: Leica M to Nikon Z AUTOFOCUS adapter

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fferreres wrote:

If it happens to be the best for Adapting to M, then Nikon May very well be my next camera...although I recently upgraded to A7Rii.

I came from Sony a7II and for difficult M lenses the Z6 is in fact slightly better performing towards the sides and corners. However, the difference is small enough that a lens which perform poorly on Sony won't become acceptable on a Nikon Z camera, but a lens that performs usably well on a Sony will perform better on a Nikon Z.

That’s promising in that it’s as good or better. The a7r2 is better in the corners too, with less color shifts. But if Nikon has an AF that is much better than the TechArt, since I adapt everything to LM, that may influence all my lenses. In particular, if the helicoid can be 6mm or 8mm, that’d be an amazing improvement. The other issue is the TechArt for Sony drains the battery even if turned off.

Since everyone's getting the Megadap, I'm getting the TechArt and will check into this battery drain issue.

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