X-E3 starts with Chinese menu

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Re: X-E3 starts with Chinese menu

a_c_skinner wrote:

Thanks, but if it isn't starting up reliably in English then it has to be repaired. I've started one of the numerous threads stupidly asking about something where the only sensible reply is to get if fixed or replaced. This is the startup from cold screen, which I don't think is right even if translated as it shouldn't start up asking about the remote (which BTW is an insult as the remote apps are so poor!)

I am awaiting the packing Fuji says it is sending. I'll report back about how Fuji UK gets on with it.

This is Japanese and it basically says:

  • Start menu
  • Pair with a smartphone?
  • By pairing to a smartphone....you can send pictures to the phone... use the qr code and the "Camera Remote" app...

The buttons you can use are

  • OK = (not sure, probably "go ahead and pair")
  • Back = skip
  • down arrow = help

So you probably should press Back and then try to revert to English.

If you can then turn off bluetooth, maybe you'll be fine on the next restart.

But of course, if the buttons don't work... the camera hospital is still your best bet

Or, maybe even try the QR App thing... just to mess up your phone too. 8P

Good luck!

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