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Do the bodies with auto-ISO go above max ISO if needed for bracketing or exposure compensation?

I could try - I got recently interested in how auto-ISO and EC work - but what do yo mean by max ISO? The limit you set in the menu or the camera's max ISO rating 25600? Or even the expaneded ISO?

The menu limit.

So bracketing (same as applying Exposure Compensation) does not exceed the ISO limit set in Auto-ISO

In A mode - I observe that SS will be lowered to 1/FL, that is 1/80 sec for 70mm FL, then ISO is increased to the limit set, then the SS will be lowered to below 1/80 sec.

ISO will not exceed the limit set.

Lowering the SS takes precedence so that ISO may not reach the limit of ISO1600

i.e @70mm 1/400 f/5.6 ISO 400 + EC+3 -> 1/80 f/5.6 ISO 900

SS limit (overrided if limited by ISO limit set) is 1/FL second, the minimum SS for the FL.

Hope it helped. Other modes , S, P and M may work differently.

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