Age old question - to M or to R?

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Re: Age old question - to M or to R?

PerfectMark wrote:

I think we will know what Canon is doing with the M by the middle of next year, when they release the APSC R camera (R7). Will they release the rumoured M5ii at the same time with a higher quality zoom lens or will they just announce they are ending development for M (like they have for EF).

This is where I am exactly. - not one more dollar for my M system until I get assurances we are not at a dead end.  Otherwise, I need to save up for the next camera investment.

Where things are headed I do not see myself investing in another camera system because there is no niche except maybe Fuji for the guy who can't afford the R5's and R6's and wants a level of sophistication and ability beyond the entry level camera equipment.  M filled that purpose in the early 2010's - and held promise.

I notice almost no one posting links or videos showing off the M6ii 4K video capabilities - I know we are not all just stills shooters.  Something tells me we need major improvement in video quality as well but not many people talk about video in this form.  I find the video of the M5 very limiting and not useful when I have an iPhone that can do better.

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