What first Leica buy? CL, M240 or 262?

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Re: What first Leica buy? CL, M240 or 262?

Pollos wrote:

Hi all

I wish try to go into the Leica world but I don't know what camera buy.

I love my sony equipment and Olympus setup for work , portrait and daily shoots. I wanna buy a Leica Camera because I love colors of leicas and I looking for an useful and special cameras.

My selection at moment is:
1)NEW Leica CL for pocket weekend camera that I can use instead of my pen F. My doubt is in the quality of 18mm because someone told me it isn't low quality.

2) Used warranty Leica 240 , great entry level camera but I have doubt for 1GB buffer because I see a lot of video where camera slow a lot if I take 2-3 shoots in few sec . I have doubt about time to start and time do be ready.

3)Used warranty Leica 262 , more recent but I think it has 1 gb buffer and no live view : Is Live view with Leica M important ?

The Leica M is a good idea to have a new analogical experience with telemeter system but I want a camera fast to start, shoot and save the photo.

I will buy a Zeiss 35 1.8 BIogon or a voigtlander Norton because I will give all my budget for a camera.

Q: why do you want to spent all the budget for the camera? You asked "first Leica buy?" I would spend always money on the lenses since good lenses can be used on future cameras while camera bodies are usually expendable.

Q: do you want AF (CL) or going the route of exclusively manual focus lenses? Did you ever spend a week with you equipment with the AF off all the time?

Do you have a personal experience with MF and rangefinders?  I am asking since many people suffer from the Leica bug but once they have an M they are disappointed do to its work flow.

Depending on your personal preference you come to different conclusions. There are youtube videos on a comparison of the M 240 vs the CL out.

A good friend suggested to buy a used M240, too, just to enter the 35mm sensor M world.

For me personally, however, I would pick up a Leica  CL any time again! I would even go for a used on, since there are a lot of people who lust for a full frame sensor, switching to a Q2, a SL2 or a M10 who dump their CL relatively cheap. The CL with a 23mm, or 18-56 is an ideal weekend travel camera. I often use the 1.4/35mm which is incredibly sharp. Seeing these images, and the size of the combo I do not see the need for a old used rangefinder M 240. The sensor is much older than the CL sensor and therefore the CL is on par with the 240 in low light. It also only gives 24MP but without AF.

The M 240 is only interesting if you want to restrict yourself to MF only and buy into the classic rangefinder experience. I had it in the film era and I am done with it.

just me 2cts. Others will come to the opposite conclusion which is fine with me.



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