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Re: Mac Mini upgrade on a budget

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Not all rosy early adopters, we all have to be patient. I still have to wait for a new version of NEC SpectraView II calibration software so can I calibrate my NEC display properly. Stuff like that will take time to resolve.

It doesn’t run under Rosetta 2? That’s not good news.

NEC Spectraview II app does open and detects the NEC SpectraSensor without any problem but it doesn't detect the display. My NEC PA272 shows up as "Unknown Display" so the whole thing won't work.

Same with my PA322 daisy-chained via a Displayport>Displayport Mini cable through a LaCie 5big Thunderbolt and an Apple TB2>TB3 adapter into one of the Mac mini's TB3 ports.

I haven't yet tried connecting it directly to the mini via Displayport>USB-C cable.

According to NEC, SpectraView V1.1.38 is a 64-bit application , although they also offer a 32-bit build for old versions of Mac OS X, and for a particular X-Rite sensor.

If SpectraView II uses kernel extensions to communicate with the calibration hardware, the problem is likely to be the lack of ARM-native kernel extensions (or user-space equivalents).  The V1.1.38 release notes don't use the phrase kernel extensions, but do refer to installation of drivers for various color sensors.

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