In love with the Z5

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As a Canon RF shooter I'm honestly jealous of the Z5. If you don't need video, speed or huge MPs it's a great camera. Lack of IBIS on my R is becoming a bit more of a dealbreaker as well...............

And I'm waiting for a Z5/24-70 kit (already available in Japan) cause the 24-50 kit lens is too slow and limited range and I don't need FTZ adapter of another kit at all. So Nikon is selling only kits that I don't like and don't sell Z5 as a body. That's a bummer.

I don't know why they do this. The Z5 sells with the 24-50, the 24-70, and as a body only here in Canada:

I'm not in any way affiliated with Henrys, but I did buy my Z5 W/24-70 on release from them, and they've given me excellent service, as I got the 24-200 and traded the 24-70 towards the 14-30. Not sure if they ship to the US but might be worth looking into with the exchange rate

Unfortunately I live in Russia. Hopefully they'll sell Z5/24-70 kit everywhere if it'll be a popular one, and I'm pretty sure it will be. Otherwise I'll buy the FTZ kit, but I'll be not the only one who is doing so. Our ebay is full of FTZ adapters so it'll be a problem to sell one for it's 130USD additional price (it costs 280 USD sold separately).

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