Nikon D880?

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Re: Nikon D880?

johnchap2 wrote:

As one sitting on the sidelines, the megapixel race seems analogous to the horsepower races in cars starting in the early 1960s.

As one who wants to shoot what I envision no matter what the lighting, low noise high ISO capability is foremost to me. Hence, as one who sees no required or recognizable benefits from MP increases beyond the 36MP of the D800, I would be far more interested in camera offerings providing high/very high ISO with little or no visible grain.

I totally agree. Or, one could have an optional increased resolution if just shooting the 24x16 crop zone but why would I want to fight with even more pixels than my D800e.

But yes i could do with higher ISO and faster shutter and faster AF. Like my D4 that would be nice.

I have used live view yesterday for the first time in my life to shoot over a fence and ended up having most of the pictures out of focus. the old angle finder form my F2a was a lot better than live view.

Video? What for? I thought they have video cameras for that.

The horsepower race is still going on. Today, it is about having more gimmicks in the cars. Sadly, camera makers think the same, or they wouldn't have gone for mirrorless.

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